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ITAD and recyclers are taking responsibility for decommissioning and processing IT equipment at the end of its life. They either collect and de-install the hardware themselves, or they subcontract this work out on their behalf.

For IT equipment that is still fit for use and is going to be sold on, the final customer needs to be sure the data has been erased and need proof of this, via a Data Erasure Certificate. The biggest issue is how to safely erase all of the confidential, sensitive data before the IT hardware leaves the working environment, without having too many people involved (as this increases cost and risk).

The Requirements

Find a certified solution that securely wipes data before IT assets are removed from the working environment. It must include proof of compliance with GDPR rules and regulations and give full transparency during this process.

The Solution

Certus Software offers more products to the ITAD and recycling companies so they can satisfy their customers’ needs.

The most popular, well-known product in this market is the Deployment/PXE solution. All assets are moved to their warehouses and processed using a Windows Deployment Server that can erase many devices simultaneously. The API Interface can import all erasure and other hardware information into their own ERP for further processing.

What are the possibilities?:

  • Define the erasure method and verification percentage
  • Customize the audit reporting
  • Control the status of any erasure through the Certus dashboard
  • Provide full Asset Management Control
  • Customize the Certus Software for each customer
  • Add custom fields and rename them

Certus makes it possible to offer ‘Erasure as a Service’ in more efficient, innovative ways.

WHAT can we offer so you can increase your revenue:
  • On Premises Data Erasure as a full service or supporting customers who would like to do the erasure themselves.
  • Fit-for-purpose products, depending on what you want to erase. We always have a user-friendly solution for each request.
  • ITAD Certus Tool Kit. We supply you the hardware free of charge to erase any device fast, in a controlled and secure manner.
  • The latest software updates. The cloud-based software runs the highest security available, always giving you access to the latest version of the software.
  • Full control and transparency. The Certus Erasure Web Manager is a centralized administration console to control and manage the entire data erasure process and is fully compatible with all Certus Erasure products.
  • Erasure initialised from a central point. This includes erasing devices worldwide but still having full control on all processes.
  • Free support on all levels – SL1, SL2 and SL3.
  • Prepacking for collection and delivery. Processed and finished devices are packed in a safe way for easy collection by logistics companies, or shipment of the goods on your behalf to any destination.

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