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Run the Certified Data Erasure Software on your own local target machines and manage erasure licenses, erasure reports and hardware audit data on the cloud. Benefit from the available cloud features: refined management for users and groups, access rights and erasure licenses, erasure reports import/export, highly customizable hardware audit reports generation and export. All the above at a price paid per erased data storage device.


Information Technology Security Certified Data Erasure

Our software is EAL3+ certified, which in Europe is currently the highest IT security evaluation assurance level reached by any data erasure product. The access to its cloud management functionalities is protected by the safest IT security cryptographic protocol - TLS v1.2.

Comprehensive erasure reporting

The entire reporting mechanism is securely managed and hosted in our cloud portal. This unique tool is ideal for companies needing full transparency and traceability over the entire licensing and data erasure processes.

Excellent Quality Systems

Our independent Quality Assurance and Control Department works very closely with internal and external project teams to assure the complete safety of our products and fulfill all regulatory compliance requirements. It is our ultimate responsibility to provide customers with solutions of outstanding quality and to maintain the highest standards of professionalism in everything we do.


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