Portable Universal
Erasure Unit

Portable Universal Erasure Unit

One machine to erase any device and use any Certus erasure solution –  the Portable Universal Erasure Unit has been designed to offer a cost effective solution for erasing data on the go.

Connect to a storage array, single drives and mobile devices, or use the WDS network-based PXE deployment solution to erase PC’s, Laptops or Servers either offline or online.

The advantages :

  • Customized Reporting
  • Can be used online or offline
  • Selectable method of Certus Software directly or via deployment
  • Erasure of Computers, Storage Enclosures, hard drives or mobile devices
  • Erasing several devices simultaneously

The requirements


Certus Erasure Software could be started directly as standalone bootable application, suitable for erasure of single drives, storage enclosures or mobile devices. Certus Erasure Software can also be used via Windows Deployment Services: suitable for the simultaneous erasure of several IT-devices like computers, laptops, servers pooled together with the Portable Universal Erasure Unit in the same network.


Upon starting the Portable Universal Erasure Unit, a boot source has to be chosen: Certus Erasure Software standalone, or Windows Server for the deployment solution. To start Certus Erasure Software on client units, LAN/PXE boot should be selected in boot menu of the client unit or set as default boot source.


Online option: an Internet connection by the Portable Universal Erasure Unit is required to login to your Certus cloud account to access purchased licenses and define erasure settings. All network transmissions are protected by security encryption protocol TLS v1.3.

Offline option: A HASP Key is needed if the Portable Universal  Erasure Unit is used for an offline erasing. A LAN HASP Key is needed to erase several units/drives simultaneously. A Single Unit HASP Key is needed for an individual controlled erasure of a target unit/drive. The keys contain login credentials and purchased licenses.


Online option: all your erasure activities such as erasure and hardware audit reports will be automatically saved in the Certus Erasure Web Manager directly from the Certus Erasure Software or via DHCP protocol arranged for the Deployment solution.

Offline option: all your erasure activities such as erasure and hardware audit reports or issue reports could be saved on an external storage device or will be automatically saved at the FTP server arranged by the Deployment solution. Note that reports can not be saved on the bootable USB drive and HASP Key. Saved reports can be imported to the Certus Software Web Manager. The HASP Key ID should be linked to your Cloud account (available upon request).

The Process


Step 1

Prepare client and PUE units

Connect devices that need to be erased to the appropriate port of the Portable Universal Erasure Unit and connect the unit to the Internet for the the online solution.


Step 2


Start Certus Software on the Portable Universal Erasure Unit if the standalone solution is required, or start Certus Software at client units if they need to be erased via deployment solution.


Step 3

Erase storage devices

Set the necessary erasure pattern and verification level. Select the drives for erasure. “Unfreeze” drives if needed and start the erasure process.


Step 4

Save Erasure Reports

After the erasure process has completed, an erasure report is generated.  It can be saved in your Certus cloud account, on an external storage drive or via FTP set up by the Windows Deployment.

* More detailed information about using Cloud erasure, Mobile erasure, Deployment and Offline erasure could be find at the corresponding solution pages.
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