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Every retailer has customers that have data that needs to be kept secure and confidential. This brings with it the challenge of how to safely erase this data when it comes time to upgrade IT equipment.

The Requirements

Find a certified solution that securely wipes data before IT assets are removed from the working environment. It must include proof of compliance with GDPR rules and regulations and give full transparency during this process.

The Solution

A Simplified Consumer Data Erasure Solution for consumers that are in the possession of a License Key (either digitally or as a hard copy) can solve this issue.

The License Key can be used in the cloud-based portal. All a customer needs to do is simply register and accept the verification email, then log into the platform where they will be automatically guided through the user-friendly erasure process.

The License Key can be added when selling new hardware, either as a bundle or as a stand-alone product.

Recommended product

Certus Erasure Consumer Edition
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