Erasure as a Service (EaaS)


Certus brings erasure to the next level by offering EaaS through our certified partners. Erasure as a Service involves fully wiping all data on a device before it leaves a working environment to be used elsewhere or recycled. This includes providing proof of this erasure via a Certified Data Erasure Certificate. This certificate fulfills article 17 of GDPR regulations as well as meeting all major international requirements, such as NIST 800.88r1, SOX, HIPAA and others.

A Certus EaaS partner has designated technicians to perform onsite and remote erasure on all types of computer and mobile devices. Certified Certus Data Erasure Engineers are extensively trained and tested to meet all the following requirements:

  • Deep knowledge of all Certus tools and relevant setup, configuration, reporting, and troubleshooting.
  • A complete understanding of all Certus implementation options to provide the most efficient and secure process possible.
  • Relevant knowledge of all types of hardware from datacenter servers to mobile devices.
  • Criminal background check as allowed by law.


  • Web Manager Login. This is  a centralized administration console to monitor the entire data erasure process and gives you  full control and transparency.
  • On Premises Data Erasure. The Certus Certified Data Erasure Engineer will erase all devices at your premises.
  • Collect and Erase. The devices are packed in a safe way for easy collection through our partner or a logistics company. The devices will be erased in the location of the partner.
  • The right product. Depending on what you want to erase, our partners are equipped with hardware solutions to simplify the erasure process.
  • The latest software updates.  Our partners will always use the latest software release for erasing the devices.
  • Prepacking for collection and delivery. Erased devices can be packed in a safe way for easy collection through our partner or a logistics company and shipped to any required destination.
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