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Maximizing sales in retail

With the growth of data-driven devices, data security has become important for both consumers and businesses. Certus comes in with a solution that not only meets security needs, but creates business opportunities!

Certified data erasure
User-friendly software
all devices

Data erasure as an upselling product

The upsell potential of Certus Erasure is significant. By offering data erasure alongside your products or services, you're not just boosting your margins but also showcasing a dedication to your customers' data security. In an era marked by rising data breaches and heightened privacy concerns, Certus Erasure offers a solution to demonstrate reliability and fosters trust.

User-friendly software

Certus Erasure has been designed with ease of use in mind. Whether you choose to offer it as a service or as a self-service option, the software is designed to be user-friendly and can be easily operated by you or your customers. This simplicity not only makes the sales process easier, but also ensures customer satisfaction through the ease of use.

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Erase all devices

Regardless of the devices you sell or the services you provide, Certus Erasure empowers you to securely erase any device. Whether it's mobile phones, laptops, desktops, drives, servers, or other electronic equipment, Certus Erasure ensures complete data erasure. With Certus Erasure, you can confidently offer secure data erasure services to all your customers

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Certified data erasure

Certus Erasure meets the highest international standards, is certified by organisations such as International Common Criteria and ADISA, complies with NIST 800.88r1 and GDPR, and is accredited by NATO. These certifications build trust with your customers and provide peace of mind through strict expert assessments and approvals from government agencies.

We make data erasure effortless

Erase Now

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With Erase Now, your customers can effortlessly erase data from their devices. When purchasing a Certus Erasure license, they get the ability to securely and permanently erase their own data through our user-friendly platform.

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The Certus Erasure Web Manager allows you to oversee and manage erasure processes. Thanks to its integration with the Certus Erasure software, you can effortlessly manage users, licenses, and audit reports via our secure central console.

Secure Buyback

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Our Secure BuyBack application gives your customers an easy way to trade in or sell their mobile devices. The app can be used as a only a buying platform or as an upsell when a mobile device is being sold or leased to a customer.

A trusted choice for many companies and institutions

Start offering Certus Erasure now!

Certus Erasure offers a win-win solution for retailers looking to increase their sales and prioritize data security. Choose Certus Erasure today and take your business to new heights!