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Become a Certus Partner

Elevate your business to new heights with our Partner Program. Expand your portfolio with secure and professional data erasure services and grow your customer network.

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Authorized Partner program
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Business opportunities

Partner with Certus for secure data erasure

With our Authorized Partner program, we educate companies on secure data erasure with Certus Erasure and they become part of our global network. This offers various business opportunities including Erasure as a Service, where we connect our AP’s with companies that require on-site data erasure. This allows us to guarantee the Certus quality and provide companies with secure, professional data erasure.

Authorized partners

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Ensuring quality through certification

To meet the highest quality standards, Certus requires its APs to undergo extensive training and obtain certification. Our Certified Data Erasure Engineer training provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to securely erase various types of devices. From understanding global standards to applying proper erasure methods, our training covers it all.

After the training, participants are invited to take an exam. If they pass the exam, they receive a prestigious "Certificate of Excellence". In addition, they receive an ID badge and a polo shirt with the Certus logo to symbolize their expertise as a Certus Certified Data Erasure Engineer. Moreover, they receive a hard copy of the training manual to keep their knowledge up to date.

Partner program benefits

The Certus Partner Program is designed to cater to the unique needs of businesses across various roles, empowering them to accelerate sales and foster stronger customer relationships. Here's a glimpse of the benefits our partners enjoy:

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Certus Authorized Partners
  • Marketing and Sales Support: Access to marketing materials and dedicated support to boost sales efforts.
  • Exclusive Product Training: Comprehensive training to ensure partners are well-versed in Certus solutions.
  • Shared Events: Opportunities to participate in events, trade fairs, and training sessions.
  • Special Pricing: Competitive pricing to expand portfolios and enhance sales.
  • Programme to Become a Certified Data Erasure Engineer: Access to certification programs to enhance expertise.
  • Technical Support: Dedicated technical support handled by Certus Software, ensuring seamless operations.
  • Enhancing Software Development: Partners are invited to share their innovative ideas for the software's ongoing improvement.
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Certus Authorized Resellers
  • Technical Support: Dedicated technical support handled by Certus Software, ensuring seamless operations.
  • Rebates: Incentives through rebate programs to maximize profitability.
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Certus Authorized Community Partner
  • Exclusive for educational institutions and non-profit charitable organizations: Tailored benefits for approved recipients, contributing to community development.

Join the Certus Partner Network today

Certus Partner Program offers benefits for both data security and business growth. Join our global network for data erasure solutions and endless opportunities!

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