Mobile Devices Erasure Cube

Erase up to 8 iOS and Android mobile devices at the time

A compact hardware solution to erase multiple mobile devices simultaneously. The machine can erase up to 8 Apple and/or Android smartphones or tablets at the same time. Stand-alone, plug and play, ready to use data erasure machine.


  • Certus Erasure for Mobile Devices is pre-installed
  • The erasure process can be real-time monitored through the Certus Erasure Web Manager
  • Plug and Play (possible to take devices in and out during the process)
  • The machine is booting automatically Certus Erasure Software for Mobile Devices
  • Up to 8 moblie devices can be erased simultaneously
  • Both iOS and Android devices can be erased at the same time


  • Monitor (at least 1024×768 resolution)
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • LAN-cable incl. Internet connection
  • Good quality USB-cables to connect mobile devices to the machine
  • Mobile devices should be unlocked and have cloud accounts unassigned and removed


The compact size and small weight of the erasure cube makes it a perfect solution for using the unit on your desk. The 8 USB ports on the front enables a clear and well organized wipe process.

  • i3 4-core Intel processor
  • 16 Gigabytes DDR4 RAM
  • 8x Front-placed USB-3.0 ports to connect iOS / Android mobile devices
  • 6.5 kg weight
  • dimensions (W x H x D) 250mm x 203mm x 367mm
  • weight 6.5 kg


The machine is operating by using the login credentials and will automaticly upload the erasure reports.


Independent erasure of mobile devices without an internet connection with a HASP key. The saved erasure reports can be manually uploaded in Certus Web Manager.

CH Cube