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Secure Data Erasure for all enterprises

Data erasure is required in a variety of industries, from business to government. Certus specializes in developing data erasure software that meets the unique needs of each industry.

Certified data erasure
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Certus Live

Suitable for various purposes

From large-scale data center decommissioning projects to erasing individual mobile devices or workstations, Certus offers versatile solutions for diverse needs. Whether you process thousands of individual disks daily or require remote wiping for a single system, our software and services are fully customizable to your requirements

Covering all kinds of devices

Businesses depend on a wide range of devices. It is crucial to erase them securely to protect sensitive data before it is reused or disposed of. Our data erasure software is suitable for all types of devices, from PCs to loose drives. Certus Erasure ensures your data is permanently erased, offering peace of mind against unauthorized access.


Certus Live Portal

Certus understands that effective data erasure often requires collaboration with employees, subsidiaries, subcontractors, and partner companies. That is why we provide access to the Certus Live Portal, allowing stakeholders to oversee erasure processes and maintain transparency. In the portal, users have the flexibility to manage erasure activities, users, license agreements, and certificates.

Certified & compliant

Certus guarantees top quality data erasure software that complies with international standards such as IEEE, GDPR and NIST. Plus, our certifications and accreditations confirm our commitment to excellence and reliability, recognized by both government agencies and independent organizations.


We make data erasure effortless


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The Certus Erasure Web Manager allows you to centrally oversee and manage erasure processes. Thanks to its seamless integration with the Certus Erasure software, you can effortlessly manage users, licenses, and audit reports via our secure central console.

Erasure hardware


At Certus, we provide various hardware solutions to simplify the data erasure process. From the Mobile Devices Erasure Cube for wiping multiple devices at once to the Portable Universal Erasure for on-the-go data erasure, we've got you covered!

Erasure as a service

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Outsource your data erasure hassle-free with Erasure as a Service! Our Certus Authoriszd Partners securely erase your data on-site or remotely, saving you time and worry. Concentrate on your business while we handle your data erasure efficiently for you.

A trusted choice for many companies and institutions

Get started with Certus Erasure!

Experience secure data erasure for your business now with our free trial. Erase data on all hardware, from individual devices to data centers, and enjoy real-time monitoring via the Certus Live Portal. Join us for certified secure and compliant data erasure!