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Becoming a Certus Certified Engineer: Elevate Your Data Erasure Expertise

Whether you work in IT, government organization, or a business with sensitive data. Secure and professional data erasure is essential! A Certus Certified Engineer can help with that.

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Why Choose Certus Certified Engineers?

Certus recognizes the critical importance of professional data erasure. For entities that either provide data erasure services or manage sensitive data internally, enlisting Certus Certified Engineers ensures the execution of this process with the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

Benefits of Having Certus Certified Engineers on Your Team

Professionalism and trust: Companies engaged in data erasure services elevate their customer trust and professionalism by incorporating Certus Certified Engineers. This certification is a testament to the careful, compliant handling of data, aligning with the highest industry and global standards.

Guaranteed Data Security: For a wide range of sectors, including government and commercial enterprises, the expertise of Certus Certified Engineers is invaluable. Their presence guarantees that your organization's data security protocols are current, and that data exchange is executed both efficiently and securely.

Becoming Certus Certified: The Training Process

Ein Certus Certified Engineer zu werden, ist ein Weg zur Spitzenleistung. So sieht das Zertifizierungsverfahren aus:


Training Course: Participants receive comprehensive training focused on various aspects of data erasure, with priority given to understanding international standards such as NIST 800-88 r1, IEEE 2883-2022, certifications and appropriate wiping methods. In addition, the course covers various hardware configurations so that participants have all the essentials to excel in data erasure.


Exam: After completing the training, participants take an online exam to test their knowledge and skills. Successful completion of the exam earns them a "Certificate of Excellence" in their name, recognizing their expertise in data erasure.


ID Badge and polo: In addition to the certificate of excellence, Certified Engineers receive an ID badge and a polo shirt with the Certus logo. This allows our engineers to proudly display their certification status, showcasing the safety and quality of a Certus Certified Engineer to your customers


Continuous Learning: Certification doesn't end with the exam. Certified Engineers are encouraged to engage in continuous learning to stay updated on the latest trends and developments in data erasure. Additionally, engineers undergo renewal training every year to ensure their skills remain current and relevant.

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Become part of our global network

If your company already has a Certus Certified Engineer, we strongly encourage you to explore the benefits of becoming one of our Authorized Partners. Joining our global network opens the door to countless business opportunities.

Add Certus Certified Engineers to your company

Don't compromise on data security, start Certus Certified Engineer training today and ensure excellence in your data erasure processes!