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Certus were the first to bring to market a cloud based solution allowing all the data erasure processes and reporting to be controlled from a single dashboard.

We are a company breaking with conventional methods, treading new paths, continuing to develop solutions from practice for practice.

Our dynamic company, Certus Software GmbH,  is a spinoff from our larger company in the after-market solutions division. As a result, we have over 25 years of market experience, focussed resources and lots of fresh ideas

Certus Software is thinking globally and acting locally. Today we operate from 3 continents: North America, South East Asia and Europe to support all customers locally.

Customers who use data erasure solutions require a complete and centralised management function, which supports them in managing, archiving and accessing all erasure information, including audit hardware information. Certified data erasure is a real demand and we expect this will become ever more important in the coming years. Our first-class Certus software development team has developed a cloud-based technical infrastructure which is really unique and we are ready to share it with you. Certus employees give their all for our clients, just ask any Certus client and every day our Certus data erasure software erases hardware all over the world.


Our vision is a world, in which data protection comes as standard

Our Mission

In the 21st century, data security is one of the greatest commodities of companies, public authorities, governments and private individuals. With our Certus data erasure software, we support companies in their quest to comply with the law and to protect their clients and their business, by ensuring we have supplied a solution to enable them to safely erase obsolete or redundant data from all types of hardware and electronics.

In doing so, we rely on simple handling of software, transparent procedures, simple pricing models and the highest certification standards.

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