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Manage and control data erasure processes

Our Certus Erasure Web Manager provides a central point where you can gain insight into your entire erasure process anytime, anywhere.

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Centralized control over your erasure process

As an extension to our erasure software, we have developed the Certus Erasure Web Manager. The Web Manager serves as a central control point for managing users, licenses and reports generated by the Certus Erasure products. Easily navigate through the wide range of functionalities and have a clear overview of the entire data erasure process.

Centralised control
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Efficient data erasure management

Within the Certus Erasure Web Manager, you will find comprehensive modules that provide a complete overview of your erasure process. These modules are tailored to give you a detailed understanding of your erasure procedures and manage them efficiently.

Dashboard: Get an overview of erasure-related activities and statistics.

Manage Users: Create and manage user accounts for each member of the team.

Erasure Reports: Access and manage Certus Erasure reports with ease.

Hardware Audit: Track hardware information before erasure processes.

Mobile Reports: Manage mobile device hardware and erasure information.

Verification: Confirms data erasure on devices by scanning for erased data and verifying written patterns.

Manage Lots: Organize your erasure, hardware audit, or mobile reports using lot IDs.

Update & Import: Update report information manually or import reports generated using a HASP key.

Downloads: Access product files, updates, release notes, and manuals.

Customizable Dashboard

Use the customizable dashboard in the Web Manager for a quick overview at your company's data erasure process. Tailor your dashboard to your business preferences using our range of 15 graphical widgets, including statistics, erasure activities and more.

Erasure statistics
Last erasures
Device size statistics
Used licenses statistics
Device type statistics
Import reports
Most active members
Most active groups
Erasures by status
Assign licenses
Average erasure duration
Used erasure patterns
Last successful erasures
Last used licenses
Account details
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Flexible in connecting to your infrastructure

Want to configure and integrate our Certus Erasure Web Manager into your existing infrastructure? No problem! Our REST API allows you to conveniently store and access your data from the CEWM. Certus also offers custom solutions if you prefer to use another system within your company. We offer this by setting up connections to other systems that provide accessible endpoints. For example, we have facilitated integrations with platforms such as Makor ERP.

Explore our web manager within Certus Erasure

Find out how easy it is to securely erase your data with Certus Erasure software and tools. Take advantage of our free trial and experience the simplicity for yourself!