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Verify the erasure status of your devices

Ensure complete data erasure with the Certus Erasure Verification Tool. Our verification tool scans your drive and analyzes the bit patterns written by the erasure software to confirm that no recoverable data remains

Support for various license types
Integration with CEWM
Complies with industry standards
Certified Verification Report

Ensure full data erasure compliance

As demand for erasure verification increases within companies and industry standards, we developed the Certus Erasure Verification tool. This ensures your company meets all necessary requirements and gives you confidence that your devices are thoroughly erased.

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Verification for different types of assets

To meet the specific characteristics and requirements of different types of assets, CEVT operates computer-centered and disk-centered. This flexibility allows users to choose the mode that best suits their type of asset, whether it is a complete computer system or individual disks.

Booting and security features

CEVT has support for secure boot, so it will also work on computers that have that feature enabled. This is important to keep the boot process safe. Plus, it supports network booting (PXE) via a USB network adapter, so you can be flexible in your deployment options.

Tamper-Proof Verification Reports

The tool generates tamper-proof verification reports that are digitally signed and can be saved offline on an external USB drive or an FTP server. This ensures that verification results are secure and easily accessible for audit and compliance purposes.

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