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Your trusted partner for certified data erasure.

Effortlessly erase data from all your devices with the industry's most secure data erasure software.

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Certified erasing
Erase every device
Online & offline
43 Erasing formats

Secure erasure for all devices

We understand that organizations have different data erasure needs, which is why we've developed software that securely erases devices ranging from smartphones to hard drives. Our solution integrates seamlessly via PXE, cloud or deployment methods, ensuring flexibility and easy integration into your infrastructure.

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43 Erasure methods & standards

Whether you're a corporate, government institution, ITAD, or any other organization, we've got you covered! Our wide range of erasure methods and standards ensures that we can meet the highest security standards for your data erasure needs.

ATA Secure Erase
Baseline for Android (BFA)
Baseline for iOS (BFI)
British HMG IS5 Baseline
British HMG IS5 Enhanced
Bruce Schneier
Canadian OPS-11
Enhanced for Android (EFA)
Enhanced for Android with 3 extra overwrite rounds
Enhanced for iOS (EFI)
Enhanced for iOS with 3 extra overwrite rounds
Gutmann Algorithm
IEEE Std 2883-2022
IEEE Std 2883-2022 Clear
IEEE Std 2883-2022 Purge
iOS Factory Reset (IFR)
iOS Factory Reset with 3 extra overwrite rounds
Navso P-5329-26
NIST SP 800-88 Rev.1
NIST SP 800-88 Rev.1 Clear
NIST SP 800-88 Rev.1 Purge
NSA 130-2
NVMe Format
NVMe Format Crypto
Russian GOST R 50739-95
Sanitize Block Erase
Sanitize Crypto Scramble
Standard Overwrite
TCG Block Erase
TCG Crypto Erase
TCG Overwrite Erase
TCG Reset Write Pointers
TCG Unmap
TCG Vendor Erase
US Air Force 5020
US DoD 5220.22-ECE
US DoD 5220.22-M

Maximum control over the erasure process

We simplify your data erasure process by offering the Certus Erasure Web Manager alongside our data erasure software. This convenient tool allows you to oversee and manage the entire process from one central platform. It integrates seamlessly with our Certus Erasure software, ensuring a smooth and effortless data erasure experience for you.


Secured data erasure reports

When you erase a device, you will receive our erasure reports. These reports serve as an official stamp of approval, confirming permanent data erasure and/or hardware actions. Our detailed reports, accompanied by a special digital signature, not only validate their legitimacy but also certify that they were created using Certus Erasure.

Verified data erasure

Our software not only erases data, but can also verify whether a device has been erased correctly with other software. The Certus Verification tool scans the devices and analyzes the bit patterns captured by the used erasing software, confirming that the erasing process was successfully completed. Plus, it produces tamper-proof audit trails along with digitally signed verification certificates.

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Discover our solutions

Business Solutions

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Ensuring secure data erasure is essential for any business. As every industry has unique data erasure needs, we are happy to help you find solutions suitable for your organization.

Authorized Partner Program

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Explore our Authorized Partner Program! Joining as a Certus Authorized Partner not only opens doors to business opportunities but also positions you as a certified expert in data erasure.

Erasure as a service

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Trust the erasure of your data to our global network of professionals with Erasure as a Service. Our certified engineers guarantee secure and professional data erasure onsite or remotely.

A trusted choice for many companies and institutions

Why Certus Erasure?

When it comes to securely erasing your data, it is very important to choose a certified solution. That's where Certus comes in. Our certified data erasure software guarantees permanent data erasure and is constantly updated to comply with industry standards and new technologies. The security of your data is our top priority!

Ready to start erasing?